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why kidu CRM ?

Leads are an important part of all sales process and we can help you streamline your lead management process. In Kidu CRM you can mange your complete sales activities, company deatails, contact records, view communication history and call schedules in one place.

Effective lead management is crucial to sales success. According to surveys, most of the companies wasting their 25% leads because of the mismanagement. Kidu CRM will hepls to to mange all of your leads without the hassle.

Lead Follow-ups and Schedules

In Kidu CRM, your leads are displayed by your different sales stages. The appliaction clearly shows how your team is doing and helps you focus on the right deals if an extra push is needed. You can get a progress report at any time, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your team and deals, helping you make changes before it’s too late.


We’ve built a simple CRM tool that’s great not only for professionals, but also anyone wanting to get super organized and close deals in less time.

Some Highlights

  • Multiple sales agents mangement
  • Lead status and lead details
  • Call history and follow-up schedules
  • Bulk SMS and Call feedback SMS
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Contact groups and management

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