Missed Call and SMS Campaigns

Collect leads from Missed calls and SMS
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Campaign Platform

Now you can collect your leads even from missed calls with KiduCRM. Also it will helps run different types of marketing campaigns using missed calls. You can use automated missed call replies for different purpose.

SMS campaigns are another way to collect leads. Kidu CRM provides an effective platform to manage your SMS campaigns. With KiduCRM you can run SMS based contests, voting, SMS communities etc.

Missed Call Marketing Campaigns

Missed Call marketing is a new trending marketing trick in industry. You only need to set up a your mobile number with Kidu CRM android application, which allow to capture customer leads without being charged like a toll free number and letting their customers to reach them free of cost just by giving a missed call.

You can use automated missed call replies for different purpose. For example, suppose your business is a Cinema theatre, then you can use KiduCRM for automated film timing enquiry. Only you need to install and setup an android application with your mobile phone. And setup a reply message with film time also. When a customer calls to your number, their call is automatically rejected and they will get film timings as SMS.

Some Highlights

  • Android Application end point
  • Web application for Management
  • Automated SMS Replies
  • Cloud based platform
  • Dashboard and Reports

SMS Campaigns

KiduCRM will helps you to capture leads from SMS campaigns. This platform will help you to run and manage different types of SMS campaigns like voting, SMS communities, contests etc. at same time.


For example, suppose your business is a Clothing store. You can set up different campaigns for Offer enquiry purpose. Some customers want to know about kids dress offers and some other want ladies dress offers. Then you can setup a identifier for each campaigns. KiduCRM reads identifier from customers SMS, and reply automated response which you already saved.

Some Highlights

  • Voting, Contests and SMS community Campaigns
  • Multiple Campaigns at a time
  • Automated SMS Replies for each campaigns
  • Android Application end point
  • Dashboard and Reports

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